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Tops Lifestyle Centre is finally open !!

By December 7, 2020 No Comments

Just in time for the festive season the Tops at the Lifestyle Centre is finally opened. Normally when you think of Tops Liquor store you assume a quick pop in and out but not when you visit this store.

As you walk in through the new entrance you view a beautiful range of wines with details of the wine farms which is so informative for new timers.The extra touches to the interior would make you want to lounge around and read a book while enjoying your vino.

As you walk down the passage there is various cubicles of your different brands such as gin , whiskey, brandy etc and each cube you are welcomed by a specialist which I never saw before 🤩

The interior is so exquisite and classy and it’s the smaller touches that makes a difference.

What is worth noting is the various brands stocked from local such as Salacia Gin to international which was extremely hard to find prior to this.

According to Lifestyle Centre and Lifestyle TOPS owner’s, Paul and Bruce Rencken, “Our vision is to be an ‘experiential’ liquor store, rather than a ‘traditional’ or ‘conventional’ liquor store. Key factors in the floor layout and design of the store are convenience, flow, simplicity of shopping experience, extensive range and visual merchandising. We wanted the store to be on trend, with beautiful design and aesthetics, and it has been incredible to witness the artist’s impressions come to life under the watchful and meticulous eye of our designer, Murray Loder. Our aim is to transform Ballito’s liquor shopping into a world class, fun, exciting, educational and experiential occasion”.

When I started this blog my aim was to support local and the brands I am proud to support. The Lifestyle Center Ballito has not only become the place of employment but also my second home and the reason for that is the man behind the Lifestyle Centre , Bruce Rencken.

As leader and senior I never met a person so humble yet motivating. Now I’m not just saying this as he is my senior , I am saying this because there would be many times we would drive pass as we head to work and see him on his knee stocking the shelves and adding the extra touches to the interior and that for me is admiring !

The TOPS at the Lifestyle Centre is finally open to the public so do yourself a favour and pop by to experience what I do every-time I visit 😀

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