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Salad , I can’t bear it …..

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I was not a fan of ordering a salad as a meal in my mid 20’s it was always an extra on the side of my breyani 😀
As I experimented more with different restaurants I could not find a proper salad which I can eat as a meal – I mean its pointless eating a salad and feeling healthy and then I have to devour a whole burger to actually feel full.

A while back I found an establishment in Ballito called Peron Peron which is more like a hidden gem of a resturant whose forte is aged steaks cooked in front of you on open fires over wood and charcoal.

But the salads my word ! THE SALADS is something I enjoyed time and time again

Coincidentally I started working at this establishment one year later but my review is completely unbiased.

Below are three of my favourite salads I can eat time and time again at Peron Peron as a wholesome meal that would keep me going for the day.


Grilled chorizo bites, chicken, rocket, red peppers and olives served with chimichurri rubbed ciabatta toast


Thai sweet chilli prawns, mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, avocado and coriander


Tagliata style seared fillet with fresh rocket, grilled onions, grana padano and chimichurri dressing

By the picture and description now you can see what I am talking about 😉 if you would personally would like to try out these dish head over to my Brands& Collab page to find out more

To give you more insight to Peron Peron it is different to anything else in town.

Peron Peron is an authentic Argentinian grill with an emphasis on the flavours of Buenos Aires and a focus on different cuts and choices of beef.

Peron Peron serves up Argentinian cuisine, with authentic flavours and cooking techniques, but also carefully considers the cuts and style that South Africans enjoy. 60% of the menu focusses on different cuts of beef, 30% on seafood. You’re invited to come and enjoy our signature dishes: charcoal-grilled fillet on the bone, ribeye and picanha.

No sauces or basting is used on the beef; the dishes are served with salt, chimichurri and a salsa criolla at your table, so you can enjoy the true flavour of the meat and produce.

If you are like me and enjoying trying out new restaurants I would highly recommend for you to try out Peron Peron.

To find out more head to there website which is www.peronperon.co.za

Thank me later 😉

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