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5 years ago I met a lady who changed my outlook on nails, one could say she made me a classy woman! During my Miss India SA reign a good friend introduced me to Lee as she knew I love supporting local businesses.

Lee Sookhoo started her beauty career at a fine young age and many moons later started her own business “Nails by Lee” – collaborating with the Tammy Taylor sculpturing techniques, Lee ran the Umhlanga branch for a year until opening her own salon in her home town, Tongaat Durban.

Having your own business and mothering three beautiful girls is not easy but watching how seamlessly she does it, is extremely motivating.

Life is too short to have boring nails!

Lee specialises in sculptured acrylic nails.Before I get into why I love her technique and style I would like to start off with the cons as to why I never got my nails done before.

  • They only last 2-3 weeks
  • With tips my nails are weak and brittle
  • Also when my nail grows out there is always that bend in my original nails
  • They chip and break on the sides
  • They peel away faster especially if you do chorus and regularly wash dishes

Now if you answered yes to 3 outa 5 trust me I feel you and hear you

Allow me to make your day by highlighting you as to why I have been going to Lee for the past 5 years and still counting

Keep calm and nail it!



  • With sculptured acrylic my nails last for 5-6 weeks – that’s ONE FULL MONTH and more with washing dishes regularly
  • The tip is built around my original nail. No chip , no break and most certainly no peel
  • When the nail grows out – my original nails are as strong as it would be if it grew naturally
  • Lee can mix just about any colour for you in the sculptured range
  • Lee makes you feel like a queen and is so accommodating
  • All her products are animal cruelty free
  • And the highlight and main point is she does not break the bank

Great nails don’t happen by chance, they happen by appointment.

Im sure by the images and videos through this blog you can see the passionate and detail each set holds and the effort placed by nails

One does not just get their nails instead they go for the entire experience

To book your next appointment with Lee contact her on 0849631368 and follow her on facebook and instagram on


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