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Love me some LippyLoveByM 💋 

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When you are supporting a small business you are supporting a dream …. Women supporting Women

One of my closest friend decided to dive into the deep end and despite working a 9-5 job she also opened her own business

LippyLoveByM owned by Mandisha Hirjee

Using only the best organic ingredients to bring you the most soothing and hydrating products, that work incredibly well in protecting and reviving chapped lips.


She has an exciting lip range consists of Lip Balms, Lip Butters, Lip Scrubs and a Collagen Infused Lip Mask, which are all:



-Cruelty Free


-Super Nourishing

-Long Lasting

I purchased one of each and had the opportunity to give my lips a complete make over by trying them all


So how does it work ?

The scrub is great for exfoliating and removing dead skin.You can use this like once  or twice a week or more ,depending on your lips because all our lips are different in different climates.


The lip butter is amazing for extra hydration if you suffer with flaky and cracked lips especially during winter . The lip butter and balm can be used at night giving your lips the ultimate nourishing treatment.

The lip balm and butter both serve the same purpose, which is to hydrate and lock in moisturise in the lips and prevent formation of dry cracked skin.  However it’s the ratio of the formula where the Lip butter is just abit thicker and creamier and less glossy and can  even be used as an all round balm all over the body for dry or ashy skin, without leaving a glossy look on your face/knees/elbows etc. People also use it to soothe insect bites etc or even for dry skin on the  body.



This is my favourite

The Collagen infused Gel lip mask provides an intense burst of moisture and nutrients directly to the lips, leaving them feeling smooth, plumper and ultra-hydrated. It can be used as a pre-makeup treatment to help lip products adhere better to the lips or as a night time mask.

The process from Lady M herself ….


First you would use the lip scrub

Take a small amount and apply to your lips, rubbing it all over in a circular motion to exfoliate and remove dead skin.

Leave it  on for a few mins so the oils can nourish your lips and  then rinse it off. Apply the mask and leave it for around 15mins, it will stick to your lips.

Remove it and Wipe your lips (a note that the mask is a one time application only – just like a facial mask) And lastly apply as much of the lip balm/ lip butter as you wish






(I prefer the butter at night-its entirely up to you)💋 you will have beautiful healthy lips

Just a note that the lip mask is one use only just as any other facial mask as well because you  use it once in a while …however the other products will last longer because it depends how often the user will want to use it…a little goes a long way but it will definitely not finish very quickly




Not forgetting , they are all natural, vegan and suitable for all ages too!!

“ I’ve had people compare these to products like labello and blistex and have had a lot of positive feedback, so I really do wish to only provide the best products I can. I use these myself And  it may not be  everyone’s cup of tea because there are obviously tons of products on the market…but you must try what you think will be best for YOU….End of the day I’m not putting down or bashing any brand at all…. I just believe in my products personally 😃” said like a true boss babe.

It took me a while to write out this blog as I personally tried and tested each and every one of these products. When you open my make up bag you will find a lip balm from LippyLovebyM in my bag and my lip scrub on my night stand

Not only am I proud about an empowered women hustling her way through life , I am immensely proud of the products that Mandisha has created.

To grab your lip care kits by sure to follow LippyLovebyM on instagram or simply Watsapp her on 083 340 5273

Support local you are supporting a dream 💋

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