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I always took my body for granted in my earlier 20’s -once I reached 25 plus I noticed my body was going through Changes I myself could not change over night and this became a struggle.

I started educating myself about what I put into my body and the effect it has on my body.

I saw the media constantly hype about the importance of water but after doing further research I realized even the water you drink from your tap is not as pure as we proclaim it is.

Making an consecutive decision I turned to purified water from Refresha Trading – when I first tried a bottle of water from Refresha Trading I could taste the difference in my water intake.

After a few months I started adding lemon in my water

Some of the advantages I noticed after adding lemon juice to my water….

  • It promotes hydration. …
  • It’s a good source of vitamin C. …
  • It supports weight loss. …
  • It improves your skin quality. …
  • It aids digestion. …
  • It freshens breath. …
  • It helps prevent kidney stones.

Click on the link below to check out a Tik Tok hack I tried by adding lemon juice to your water
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