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Hotel Savera 1860 Museum

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The “ Hotel Savera 1860 Museum”

Is a unique museum celebrating Indian history in South Africa which is located in Karwastan, Chatsworth, Durban

The museum features strong messaging around Indian anti-apartheid involvement.

In its India Room, “Pillars of Memory” feature several struggle stalwarts.

The Lotus Room highlights the period of India indenturship from 1860 to 1911 and incorporates several images and anecdotes form the period.

I was afforded the opportunity to perform at this event which marked the 110th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi burning his identification document and reminiscing of his historical struggle.

Judge Thumba Pillay was our keynote speaker who spoke about events he and many other freedom fighters endured, also allowing us guests an opportunity to view original documentation from the days of struggle.

Closing the evening with Mr Eric Apelgren sharing his life experiences with us.

A job well done to Mr.Farouk Khan and Mrs Preetha Nanhoo for being host to all the guests and a big thank you for allowing me to be of this celebration

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